Monday, 23 December 2013

Head Torches Have arrived!

As a few of you know, UBES has ordered a load of alpkit gammas for you to buy.
You've probably seen a lot of the committee and other people using them and we can sell them to you for the discounted price of £14!!!

With trips from now on being very much in the winter it is essential that everyone has a headtorch for safe walking on the hills, especially for Scotland, and these offer great value.

We will be bringing them on Scotland, so anyone who needs one for the week can buy one. We will also be selling them on other trips and can also bring them along to the info point on Wednesday afternoons if people let me know!

Here are a couple of links that give you some of the information:

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

UBES Photography

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Windy Days on a MountainSlate WallLineRobWindyWindy Grass Stuff
Lake Bag No1Into The FogAlbum Cover?More Slate WallsDavidBen Running Down a Foggy Hill
Cairn SilhouetteAsh next to a CairnSnowdonia Day 2-1Snowdonia Day 2-2Cool Mountain ThingCool Ridge

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2013 So Far!

So, a lot of things have been happening in UBES this term, and with it drawing to a close, it seemed a good thing to look back on what we have been doing! As well as looking forward to what we have to come.

The first event of the year was Intro to Climbing. This year we had over 200 people turn up to have  a go at climbing outside, we were also blessed with spectacular weather.

Soon after this came the first social of the year, a chance for UBES'ters to see each other again after the summer, as well as get to know a lot of the freshers just starting this year!

The annual Brecon Beacons trip was another memorable, if not slightly damp weekend, with two great evenings of organized, and not so organized fun!

Snowdonia 1 was a bit of a battle against the elements, trying to get out on the mountains, whilst avoiding one of the worst storms for 100 years! But it true UBES style, we grit our teeth, got on with it, got up the mountains and had a great time doing it!

The next big climbing event on the UBES calendar was the Peak district trip. This year we took 24 people up to the peak for a stunning weekend of monkeying about on some grit! Camping at North Lees campsite we woke up both mornings to find ice on the tents, this didn't put us off, as we were blessed with beautiful clear skies, the perfect weather for a weekend out on the moorland edges!

New events for this year included 2 socials at red point, the first being a climbing/film night, and the second a friendly, competitive lock in with UBMC. Both were excellent nights, with lots of quality climbing, slacklining, film watching, and sampling some of red points excellent burgers!

This year, our route planners and members have been keener than ever, which on the lake district trip led to some pretty epic days on both Saturday and Sunday, with routes in excess of 24km being completed in semi winter conditions, grade 3 scrambles, and the famous Striding, and Swirrell edges.

All in all, an excellent start to the year, and I really can not wait for everything else that we have in store, especially the eagerly anticipated Scotland trip!

Lake District 1

Lake district 1!